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Member and producer of The Juicy Juice.

Member and producer of NAVE.

I've always been in music, mostly electronic, between Detroit techno, acid house and Chicago house music. I am also influenced by rock, industrial music and hip hop. I write and compose songs, especially for the group in which I was a member : The Juicy Juice. I work on the arrangements, the mixing as well as the production, the visuals and the sound design.

"excess" is a solo project started in 2012. It includes some demo tracks, remixes and featuring ( The song "Never leave" featuring the British singer Tara Toxic, a remix of the track "Time to go" of the american artist Kwanza Jones, a collaboration with rap artist Raquel Divar or remixes including the band Nine Inch Nails ... ) ​In 2014, the album "excess inside" appeared on iTunes, this was the very first album including the majority of songs produced between 2012 and 2014.


The E.P. "Holly's Creepy Night", from the parallel project band "The Juicy Juice" with Michael Evans was released the following year on several music platforms, followed by the remix "Holly's Creepy Night - excess mix", a second remix produced by the artist Nannue Tipitier and live performances in Paris to promote the E.P. ( resulting to win the "Dynamic Radio Award" after a live contest managed by Dynamic Radio. ).


Recently, the single "E.B.E.", released on many music platforms for the solo project "excess", was made available on the channel "excess TV" accompanied by a video clip.


Some live mixes have also emerged on the channel, the first one was an experimental DJ set under the name "0 mix".


The last project is an eponym E.P. called "Without you", a three tracks E.P. entirely composed, written, mixed arranged and sing, including video clip & remixes.

A new side project just born, called NAVE. It is a french Techno Pop duo, featuring the very first Single “Désobéissance”.

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