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Member and producer of The Juicy Juice.

Member and producer of the group NAVE.

I have always been immersed in music, mainly electronic, between Detroit techno, acid house and Chicago house.

I am also influenced by rock, industrial music and hip hop. I write and compose songs, notably for the group in which I was one of the members: The Juicy Juice.

I work on arrangements, mixing as well as production, visual aesthetics and sound design.

"excess" is a solo project started in 2012. It includes a series of demos, remixes as well as featuring (the title "Never leave" featuring the British singer Tara Toxic, a remix of the title "Time to go" by the American artist Kwanza Jones, a collaboration with the rap artist Raquel Divar, and other remixes, including the band Nine Inch Nails...)

In 2014, the album "excess inside" appeared on iTunes, the first album including the majority of titles produced between 2012 and 2014.

The E.P. "Holly's Creepy Night", from the parallel project The Juicy Juice with Michael Evans, have been released the following year on several musical platforms, accompanied by the remix "Holly's Creepy Night - excess mix", a second remix produced by the artist Nannue Tipitier and a series of concerts in Paris to promote the E.P. (resulting in the presentation of the "Dynamic Radio Award" during an event organized by Dynamic radio at the Gibus café (Paris).

Subsequently, new titles such as the single “E.B.E.” or the E.P. of three eponymous titles "Without you" have been realised on the YouTube channel "excess TV", accompanied by video clips. Around ten remixes from many independant artists gave a new vision to the flagship track “Without you”. DJ sets can also be discovered on the channel.


A new parallel project finally appears under the name of NAVE, a French techno pop duo, accompanied by Nathalie in the interpretation, but also in the co-writing of certain songs.

After the first single "Désobéissance" radio/webradio broadcasts will follow including "Love sisters web TV", "l'Eko des Garrigues" radio, and "France Bleue Hérault" radio...

Many DJ sets including filmed performances are updated on “NAVE official TV”, notably the “Electroday Festival” in Orange. Finally, the group's album, "NAVE", appears as a conceptual album summarizing the group's main influences (horror, science fiction, Japanese influences...)

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